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Posted on 02/19/2011


The book is  the ideal space for an intimate collaboration between artists, writers/poets, translators and artisans.  From the 1970’s I was making one-of-a-kind cloth books to document my painting and enlarge on them. At that time there was a real fever in the art world around artists’ books: the appearance, production and distribution was completely changing. Making the one-of-a-kind into a simple multiple struck me as perfect ground to touch a larger audience.The next step was to give this small independent press a name. EstepaEditions was created in 1996 as an independent press.

1996 poem & book Kate van Houten 942 x 933

Arizona Afternoon

Arizona Afternoon poem & typo KATE VAN HOUTEN edition of 18 cloth cover

Paris 1996

€50  $72  £40













poem Jennifer K. Dick & images Kate van Houten edition of 50 7 folios in title folio, red case

Paris 2014

€50  $72  £40







Hiroko introduction & photos K. van Houten. editions -grey in English 40 & red in French 30. 140 x 140 mm. 10 pages Paris 2012 & 2013 12€










Poem Jennifer K.Dick /images Kate van Houten



poem JENNIFER K. DICK/ images KATE VAN HOUTEN/ French translation by REMI BOUTHONNIER/edition of 100/(2 remaining, 40€ 2014) 165 x 109mm/24 pages/hand-bound with soft cover.
Paris 2005


€20  $26  £16









Eternity at Domme The French Notebooks

Eternity at Domme The French Notebooks

Eternity at Domme, the French Notebook Clayton Eshelman images Kate van Houten/ French translation Auxmèry edition 200/ 42 pages/220 x 143 mm/ hand bound hard cover

Paris 2009

€320  $400  £251











Bands of Blackness BANDS OF BLACKNESS Clayton ESHLEMAN translations: French J.J. VITON, Japanese TAKAOMI EDA/ engraving MATSUTANI (196 x 760mm) /offset printing on Arches paper/ 2 sections each of 6 pages/case 293 x 196mm/edition of 25: English & French/edition of 25 English & Japanese/case-bound cover co-edited with Éditions Tandem, Belgium. Paris & Gerpinnes 2002


€320  $400  £251




a voyage in Costa Rica with the artist Rolando Castillon

a voyage in Costa Rica with the artist Rolando Castillon


Sweet Lemons KATE VAN HOUTEN/images by ROLANDO CASTELLÓN/French translation Simone Manceau/edition of 100/225 x 141mm//34 pages/digital printing/Conqueror paper/hand-bound hard cover.

Paris 2008     25€

LIMONES DULCES      KATE VAN HOUTEN an edition of 50 is the translated from SWEET LEMONS into Spanish  RICARDO ULLOA GARY & Japanese HISAKO IFSHIN/225 x 141mm//34 pages/digital printing/conqueror paper/hand-bound cloth cover.

Paris 2010€25  $32  £24






Mingus, méditations



MINGUS, méditations AUXEMÉRY/Translation to English by the author and Fiona Sze-Lorrain//Kentaro SUZUKI (counter bass) finger prints/20 x 14cm/edition of 80 – soft cover.

Paris 2011

€25  $32  £24








IMG_4160SHORT STORY   KATE VAN HOUTEN  Fron the original edition of 3 a second edition of 15//170 x 134mm// 2 pages with mirror/Japan paper/hard cover

Paris 2003 & 2010

€35  $45  £28




listen, rain cat copyLISTEN, RAIN. . . .  KATE VAN HOUTEN photos  JUN ARAO/Japanese translation  HISAKO IFSHIN/edition of 120//225 x 141mm/20 pages/offset/hand-bound hard cover.

Paris 2006

€320  $400  £251









Etre La


created by KATE VAN HOUTEN

from GILLES MORISETTE’S installation at DANAE/edition of 30//201 x 142mm/silkscreened text on a fold-out page (450 mm)//3 digital photos.
Paris & Jarnac 2001

€50  $72  £40








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