We are off to New York City on Saturday the 8th September. First a weekend in Connecticut with the family then on the 11th September to New York City. Matsutani is a participant an the Hauser & Wirth Gallery-A Visual Essay on Gutaï.



The print studio ATELIER DAPHNE GAMBLE is packing up a show to be exhibited at the Hotel in Venise from the 2 October 2012 opening. Marie Dargent- lithographs, Daphne Gamble -Etchings, Monica Infuso-paintings, Noriko Fuse – etchings, Kate van Houten – watercolors.

Van Houten will exhibit an installation AUTRES SOLEILS at the Forum des Arts 3 Biennale in Mortagne-au-Perche in Lower Normandy. This is a lovely town 180kilometers west of Paris.inviteMortagne

Aux quatre coins du monde has finished as of Saturday the 5th of March.

The exhibition at the Galerie 49 in Saumur on the Loire was shown from the 18th March until the 16th April 2012. Galerie 49. The gallery owner Anne Toulouse continues to exhibit a part of the show for the summer.

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